Dove Gentle Beauty Bar Hand Soap Exfoliating Cream



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Wondering how to get smooth skin? We’ve all been told how important exfoliation is as part of a skincare routine, but that doesn’t mean being rough with your skin and that’s where Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar comes in. It combines the gentlest skin cleansers with exfoliating beads to wash away dead skin, giving you soft, smooth skin. Every day, our skin is exposed to damaging environmental factors fluctuating weather temperatures, water and humidity, harsh chemicals and more. Leave these behind and wash away dull, dead skin cells from your face and body with the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar Moisturizing Cream Soap for your smoothest and softest skin yet!

The harsh ingredients found in ordinary bar soap can strip your skin’s natural moisture and leave a soapy residue, making skin feel tight or dry. With Dove’s signature mild cleansers, 25% moisturizing cream, micellar water, and gentle exfoliators, the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar gently cleanses, buffs away at dull, lackluster skin and rinses well, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft, smooth and hydrated. Notably, this Dove moisturizing cream and exfoliating bar soap are gentle enough for everyday use and care.

If you’ve gotten used to using body wash during your morning or post-fitness session shower routine, we’re advocating that you leave the bottle of body wash behind and go back to the bar. Economical, great to travel with and generally boasting a longer lifespan than body wash, toss your Dove Pink deep moisturizing cream bar soap into your gym bag for your next post-workout or fitness class shower. It’s also great to use in preparation for self-tanning; For even application and coverage, try exfoliating in the shower beforehand, using the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar. It should help to buff away dead skin cells and help create a longer-lasting pigment.

And, last but not least, this Dove gentle exfoliating beauty bar with moisturizing cream is 100% paraben AND sulfate-free! Made with Dove’s mildest, most gentle cleansers, Dove bar soap is gentle on your skin’s microbiome (your skin’s active living protective layer). Targeting deep layers of the skin, the Dove deep moisturizing formula provides effective, long-lasting skin hydration and starts working with just your first application. Completely 100% free of parabens, the moisturizing and exfoliating beauty bar hand soap is free of preservatives found in much other personal grooming and cosmetic products; it is also 100% sulfate-free meaning this hand soap or facial soap won’t strip away naturally occurring proteins and oils that your skin needs, making it a great choice for a variety of different skin types, including sensitive skin!

Go ahead, lather up and enjoy the gentle exfoliating benefits of Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar Moisturizing Cream Soap, safe to use as hand soap, facial soap or body soap. This beauty bar gently washes away dead skin, revealing skin that looks soft, smooth and radiant.#1 DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED: Every day, our skin is exposed to damaging environmental factors fluctuating weather temperatures, water and humidity, harsh chemicals and more; Dove’s mild cleansing and exfoliating formulas nourish skin with deep moisturization without stripping away natural proteins and oils that are paramount to maintaining naturally balanced skin

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