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Frozen Halal Meat – BRÖKEMANN & Co GmbH
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Frozen Halal Meat

Germany is one of the EU’s top meat producers. It leads the European market in the production and export of pork, while taking second place for beef with a production share of 15%. In 2017, approx. 1.1 million tonnes of beef and veal were produced together with 5.5 million tonnes of pork. Thanks to their high quality, the products are in great demand all over the world. In 2017, German companies exported around 378,000 tonnes of beef and 2.9 million tonnes of pork to more than 100 countries on earth.

One special service offered by the German firms is the production of special cuts to meet the specific demands of the individual sales markets. The German meat industry is a guarantee for reliability, individual service and global supply of quality meat and innovative meat products.

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