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PET Granules

Item Unit Index
I.V. dL/g 0.80 ± 0.02
Crystallinity % ≤ 60
Color value L   ≥ 83
  b   ≤ 1.0
Content of COOH mol/t ≤ 26
Content of acetaldehyde ppm ≤ 1.0
Dust content ppm ≤ 100
Melting point °C 243 ± 2

We are a prominent manufacturer and supplier of a wide array of Recycled Pet Granules. Our item range is broadly utilized for Pet wrapping movies and different non-softening particles. Offered pet granules are free streaming, have low dampness substance furthermore have less buoy capable and metal defilement. Our item range is very requested crosswise over large number of businesses because of its superb norms and solid execution. Our array of Recycled Pet Granules is very much acclaimed for features, such as, ideal quality, sensible, dependable etc,.

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Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper roll products include a diverse range of solutions and products for cash registers, POS systems and handheld devices used within the gaming, financial, hospitality, medical, government and retail sectors. Thermal paper is a special paper type that is manufactured with a special coating that aids in inkless printing. On application of heat to the coating, a clear image is formed on the paper with no requirement for ribbons or inks. It provides high-definition images that stay intact for a long time and therefore are reliable and more useful for important documents.

Currently, China is one of the greatest manufacturers, suppliers of thermal paper rolls. You can get top quality thermal rolls at accessible prices, even with the shipping charges. Our company, as one of the leaders in the thermal paper industry, offers a great range of choice for different products at highly affordable prices.

The regular thermal roll sizes are 80mm, 76mm, 57mm, 44mm, etc. You can navigate to below catalogs to get the paper roll sizes you need.

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Frozen French Fries

Description Frozen French Fries
Season June-July, Oct-Nov
Potatoes Natural
Type Frozen, IQF
Size Cube/Chips  Dice: 10*10 mm
Self life 24months
Packing Normally it is 10kgx1/ctn, Or as per the clients’ requirements
Origin Germany
Successfully Exported countries

USA, Australia, Europe , Asia, and Etc etera.

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PET Lumps

PET Lumps are used as the raw material for a range of products that would otherwise be made of polyester. Examples include polyester fibres (a base material for the production of clothing, pillows, carpets, etc.)

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PET Flakes

PET flakes are used as the raw material for a range of products that would otherwise be made of polyester. Examples include polyester fibres (a base material for the production of clothing, pillows, carpets, etc.), polyester sheets, strapping, or back into PET bottles.

Bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET, sometimes PETE) can be “make lower grade products, such as carpets.To make a food grade plastic, the bottles need to be hydrolysed down to monomers, which are purified and then re-polymerised to make new PET. In many countries, PET plastics are coded with the resin identification code number “1” inside the universal recycling symbol, usually located on the bottom of the container.

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Mill-berry Copper Wire Scrap

We trade in All kind of Copper Scrap. Quality is everything at Brokemann & Co GmbH.

We build confidence with our customers & suppliers through our dedicated trader relationships and flexible terms, tailored to suit your needs.

We trade all types of scrap metal including all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We are engaged in trading of high grade scrap that is procured from trustworthy and authentic vendors of the market.

Contact us for a custom, hassle-free quote for your project!

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Copper Cathode

A cathode – a 50 to 80 kg copper square – is produced when pure copper separates from unwrought copper in an electrolytic refining process. Brokemann & Co supplies about 1.2 million t of cathodes with a copper content of at least 99.99 % per year over the world

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