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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Stunned halal meat move ‘inhumane’ claims Muslim group

A Muslim body has criticised a council ban on unstunned halal meat, claiming stunning animals is “inhumane”. Councillors in Lancashire voted to end its use in council-run schools saying it was “cruel” to not stun animals before slaughter. But the Lancashire Council of Mosques (LCOM) claims the practice of stunning can cause more distress to the […]

Brokemann & Co GmbH Athletic Meal

With every Olympic Games come tales of athletes’ favorite junk foods: the ice cream, Chinese food, and burgers they reportedly indulge in to relieve some of the stress of training. The implication is that with all the exercise these athletes do, they can eat whatever they want. While it may be true that Olympians sometimes cut loose, their diets tend […]